Me and My Piano Part 1 (My and My Piano)

Me and My Piano Part 1 (My and My Piano)

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ISBN13: 9780571532001

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"Me and My Piano" is the best-selling tutor series designed especially for younger beginners. Part 1 takes the young pianist step-by-step through the earliest stages of piano technique, first with separate hands, then with a sequence of very easy pieces for hands together. All use a constant five finger hand position in the key of C major. Games and puzzles give theory a new lease of life, and children will love the rhymes and songs introducing characters such as the Ostrich and Sammy Squirrel. Originally published in 1989, this new edition retains all the quality teaching material and engaging colour illustrations of the original, with a fresh new look, improved presentation and complete new music setting.

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Me and My Piano Part 1 is attractively laid out, with lovely illustrations, useful fact boxes, occasional theory pages, musical detective questions, and simple duet accompaniments to some of the pieces....Fanny Waterman's success as a teacher stems from her concentration on security of technique combined with the development of imagination and musicianship. These books convey a sense of excitement which will enthral many a young aspiring pianist.

Piano Professional Magazine, Spring 2009