Who Killed Daniel Morgan?: Britain’s Biggest Unsolved Murder and The True Story Behind the Headlines

Who Killed Daniel Morgan?: Britain’s Biggest Unsolved Murder and The True Story Behind the Headlines

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PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR DANIEL MORGAN WAS MURDERED WITH AN AXE TO THE HEAD IN A PUB CAR PARK ON 10TH MARCH 1987. Thirty years on, after five failed police investigations and an ongoing inquiry, Daniel's murder is now the most investigated in British history - yet it remains unsolved. Intrinsically connected to the murky relationship between press and police, Daniel's death can even be linked to the phone hacking scandal that closed the News of the World. A lawless and twisted timeline of bugging, bribing and bent cops leads you to the body of Daniel - but not the truth of how he died. Justice is hidden in a web of corruption and cover-ups not only in the press, but at the heart of the Met Police itself. So if you haven't heard of this story, ask yourself, why? Written by Daniel's brother Alastair, with investigative journalist Peter Jukes, Who Killed Daniel Morgan? uncovers fresh revelations, new evidence and the latest findings of 'one of the most disgraceful episodes in the entire history of the Metropolitan Police Service' (an Assistant Commissioner of the Met). *Previously published as Untold: The Daniel Morgan Murder*

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Book Overview The chilling true story of Britain's most investigated murder, told by the team behind the number one hit podcast Untold: The Daniel Morgan Murder, with fresh evidence and new revelations.

A compelling and shocking read of how the British legal system failed an innocent man. --Real Crime magazine
Lays out the tortuous story of alleged police and media corruption in unremitting detail . . . Contains a raft of revelations. --Guardian

Peter Jukes is a British journalist and screenwriter. His television credits include writing on the Emmy award-winning Waking The Dead, BAFTA award-winning Sea of Souls and the Inspector Lynley Mysteries, and devising and writing In Deep. As a journalist he has written regularly for various newspapers and magazines including Newsweek, New Statesman, The Daily Beast, Politico, The New Republic. He has been nominated for numerous awards for his coverage of the phone-hacking trial in London, the longest and most expensive criminal trial in British history, recounted in his book Beyond Contempt: the Inside Story of the Hacking Trial. He also wrote The Fall of the House of Murdoch and A Shout in the Street. Alastair Morgan was born in Singapore in 1948, and he came to the UK in 1950 with his parents and younger brother Daniel. In 1951, his sister Jane was born in Wales, where all three siblings attended the local grammar school. Alastair went on to study Scandinavian Languages at UCL and journalism at West Surrey College of Art and Design, after which he lived in Sweden where he worked as a metalworker and teacher. He returned to the UK in 1983. Currently Alastair works as a translator, but most of the last 30 years have been spent pursuing justice for his younger brother.